Small Wood Business Ideas With High Profit


Are you willing to fund a small startup with very less capital investment but not sure about the perfect business niches? The whole article is made for you because we have covered a list of some of the best wooden business ideas which can be started from home and can generate a good profit margin.

Wood working is one of the most popular business In Nepal for all those who are very passionate about crafting their own ideas on a wooden plate.

It is evolving day by day as a part time business opportunity and many are joining it as a full-time business because of the huge profit in this business. Wooden work possesses a cultural diversity and technique which is very in demand by the people.

Top Wooden Business Ideas In Nepal

The growing era demands wooden furniture business ideas which is specially created by the hand of the woodworker. The craving for wooden work is increasing rapidly and it is sharing a hand in the business economy. The reason is simple it attracts huge diversity with the selected product.

It can be started on a small scale and manufactured in the home if you don’t have proper investment and guidance in the wood nepal business ideas.

If you are new to this field and want some more information about the diversified niches then make sure to check the list of wood business ideas.

How To Start A Good Wooden Business In Nepal?

Some of the basic steps of starting a profitable wooden business are highlighted below make sure to read them if you are willing to start a wooden business.

1. Choose the type of wood items

Choosing the right category is very important before starting any business. You can handle the competition of every niche so, you have to choose the product type first then you go with the next step. Product planning is the first step of the manufacturing process.

2. Get license

You need to register your business to get the pepper license of your industry. No matter your business is a small-scale investment or a large-scale investment. A trade license is very necessary for running any business.

3. Product development

Product development is the crucial stage of any profitable business. If you compromise on the quality of the product then you can’t set a profitable market. Modifications and improvements in the product are very necessary.

4. Inspection and shipment of products

When the manufacturing process gets completed the inspection of the product is very necessary to bring out defection and flaws. If the product passes the inspection process then only it should be shipped to the costumes or sellers.

In case the product gets damaged you should re manufacture them and improve the quality of the product.

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List of 20 Most Profitable Wooden Business Ideas In Nepal

We have compiled a great list of some of the most profitable small wood business ideas which really have great scope in the market and can be started on a small scale with very less investment.

All the unique wood business ideas are top in themselves and every idea has a good profit margin. All you just have to keep the quality of the work and a constant desire of learning. Let’s see the ideas highlighted below.

1. Wooden furniture making

This is one of the trending business rights from the early centuries because the early age was nearly dependent on the product made of wood. This is constantly evolving for centuries and still is one of the most profitable niches. Wooden furniture making craft all types of wooden products like sofa, bed, cupboards, dressing, etc.

This can return you good profit if you know the proper ideas of crafting the things, especially the things demanded by the people. It’s the right opportunity to start the business of wood furniture making and set a profitable source of income.

2. Wood interior

This is one of the largest growing markets which covers a large percentage of the wooden business. People are very eager in making their homes and hiring an interior designer for the best look. Interior designers are making huge money because of the demand in the market.

You can cover domestic ad corporate customers and generate good profit. The work of the wood interior is based on wood flooring, ceiling, wall, and any separate place.

3. Wooden utensils

It’s a small-scale business and any interred person can start this business right from home and supply to the market. All it requires is the right knowledge of crafting the products. You can make all the wooden utensils like pots, jugs, spoons, bowls, chopsticks, and many more.

The profit margin of this business is also very good you have to purchase the raw wood from the market and after crafting you may set a good profit margin. You should look at this business if you have less investment.

4. Wood decor

It is one of the most beautiful niches in the wood business section because the decoration is liked by almost all the people and they always look for the interesting things in decoration. You can manufacture interesting products from wood and sell them in the market.

It can be a small-scale startup that additionally has a good profit margin. The market for this business is also huge. You can manufacture products like toys, Photo frames, pens, plants, pots, boxes, etc.

5. Create an online wooden shop

Online is a leading platform to sell anything because the internet has made it possible to reach your product to the target people who actually need this. You just have to research the market and target your customers with the right product.

Selling wooden products on the market requires targeting interested people for good conversion. Online is the new trend to grow and expand your business. You can list the selected items in your store and make them available to the users.

6. Wooden jewelry making

A new fashion is growing in the market and all this is possible with the advancement of technology. Technology has made it possible to cover fashion accessories. Wooden jewelry can be manufactured with machines for a good finish and fittings. You can involve in this small-scale/investment business.

7. Plywood manufacturing

It is one of the most popular material for interior design and almost all house owner looks for it. You can start manufacturing plywood and supply it to various sectors like houses, vehicles, furniture shops, etc.

The profit margin of this business is also good and one of the good businesses in small-scale investment. You should gain information about these business niches.

8. Wooden pencil manufacture

Pencil is one of the popular thins among the students. It is also a necessary item for all craftsmen and painters. The tradition of the wooden pencils is ranging over the decades and its future is very bright. You can manufacture a variety of wooden pencil units which require very less investment and chances of making more profit.

9. Woodwork

If you are very fond of creating impressive things from wooden materials then this business is made for you. You can start the workshop and prepare creative items with the use of wood and directly fetch to the customers as well as retainers. It’s may return you good profit if you really have a creative mind and the potential to change the way of crafting.

10. Bookshelf

Almost all the industry as well as houses require shelves for storing personal as well as important items. The shelf made of wood is always in demand because of the quality and decorative items. You can craft different types of wooden bookshelf and give them a good decoration. This is considered a decorative item in the house and is always left in demand. The profit margin of this business is also good.

11. Candle holder

You can manufacture candle holders which are very good niches to begin your business. As this business requires less investment and can be started from home. A candle holder is also considered a good gift item as well as a decorative item. There is no seasonal business in this because it sells the whole year.

12. Cutting board

Cutting boards are essential items in the kitchen and are considered needy kitchen items. This is used to chop different types of vegetables. It comes in different shapes and sizes. You can make different varieties of chopping boards and sell them in the market with a good profit margin.

13. Wooden photo frame

The photo frame is considered home decor or a gift item from an early age. People are using photo frames to cover their best moments to send gifts to their beloved ones. This is a popular product in the market and you have the chance to start the business of making a variety of photo frames.

14. Sitting arrangement

These types of product are always in demand by the people or the industry because it is needed almost everywhere. If you are making your own house or starting a school you have to look for the sitting arrangements. Wooden material is found popular for the sitting arrangement. You can start this business with very less investment and in the near future, you can start manufacturing on a large scale.

15. Spoon

A spoon is considered one of the essential items in every kitchen and the best thing is every kitchen requires it. You can make spoons for the kitchen as well for the dining also. This business can be started from home. You can initiate the business of manufacturing wooden spoons.

16. Storage box

Storage box always lives in demand and are essential for every household. This is also a decorative item so, if you have the potential to make a decorative storage box then you can easily generate good profit in this business. You can make different shapes and sizes of the storage box. You can also make customize boxes for people.

17. Wall art

Wooden art is a popular item for houses, schools, and offices. The demand for wooden art is also good and good business to start your journey. You can contact the sellers and start making the wooden art.

18. Chairs and tables

The business of the wooden table is very high and profitable. It is a good profitable business in the wooden industry. It is a traditional product in the wooden industry but a most popular business idea. If you still have a lack of ideas in the wooden industry then manufacturing chairs and tables can be a  good business opportunity for you. You can make a variety of chairs and tables and sell them in the market.

19. Wooden tools

You can start making different types of wooden tools and sell them to the market or contact the wood shop. You can purchase raw wood and craft them into useful tools and make a good profit.

20. Wardrobe

A wardrobe is necessary for every house for keeping the necessary and personal items. You can make a decorative wardrobe which is liked by people.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:FAQ

Is a wooden business profitable?

Wooden business is one of the most popular businesses from an early age and still it is considered as one of the profitable businesses because day by day its demand is increasing because of the evolution of the variety of wooden decorative items for the houses. You can start a good profitable business in the wooden niches which may double your investment. The requirement of capital is also less and requires a small scale to initially start it.

How can I promote my wood business?

You can promote your own business with different social media which actually has a high chance of a conversion. You can design a storefront or showroom the showcase your products. If you want to enter social media for the promotion of your product then social media can provide you a good opportunity to convert your audience into customers. You can make your advertisement in the newspaper and magazine. The most important things in all these are the quality of the product you are looking for. So, always try to manufacture quality in the product.

What can I build at home to sell?

We have listed a variety of wooden niches which can be started just from the home. Some of the businesses in the wood industry require very less investment and can be started on a small scale. You can manufacture some of the products like toys, shelves, cupboards, etc which can be easy to sell from the houses.

Is it profitable to make tables?

Yes, if you are too fond to manufacture the tables and show your skill then your can start in this business. The business is very profitable because you are too focussed on a single product and investing your great time in crafting decorative tables. You can make custom pieces that the people demand and make more money. This business gives a high-profit margin to showcase your skill.

How do I start woodworking?

Starting the business of woodworking require good knowledge of crafting wooden things and makes them impressive for the people. You should select the right niches in which you are interested and have knowledge of using some essential tools. You must have sufficient knowledge of measuring and understanding the dimension of the product.

Conclusion: wood shop business name ideas 2023

It’s a good opportunity to start a business in woodworking because it seems to be one of the profitable markets right now. If you want 50 small business ideas for beginners in nepal, this is one of them.

The manufacturing of wooden material is increasing per day because of the high demand by the people. People are now looking for wooden decorative items to decorate their homes as well as cope with their daily needs.

This business begins from an early age and going to boom in the near future. So, if you are one of them who is looking for profitable niches in the woodworking business then make sure to read the whole article.

Reading the whole article will clarify your mind and serve you a good business suggestion to start your journey. Hope you like the information and are willing to read more about it.


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