Profitable Travel Business Ideas In Nepal With Low Investment


Hey, are you a travel lover and searching for the best opportunity for business in travel niches? If your answer is yes, then you are at the right place. Today we are going to introduce you to some of the most beautiful and profitable travel business ideas in Nepal which have a high potential for earning.

All the travel agency business ideas listed in the article always remain evergreen and can be started with a small-scale investment.

The business of travel and tourism can be started with limited money and once you start performing well in the business you can add extra investment to your business.

Profitable Travel Business Ideas In Nepal

The demand for hospitality and tourism is increasing rapidly. There has been seen a huge evolution in this industry. The economic impact of travel and tourism is approx to 6.5 trillion US dollars

You can take an idea from these data how this industry is evolving day by day. This sector is adding a good peak in the economic impact in different ways. 

Putting your wealth in this sector is considered to be one of the most worthy investments. The Travel agency in nepal covers broad niches such as travel, restaurant, camping, holiday vacation, transportation, and many more.

We have categorized a detailed list of the tour and travel business ideas from home which can be started in this industry.

This Is fastest growing business in nepal and All the business are highly demanding and covers high earning potential. All the best businesses plan are highlighted below.

What is the travel business?

The demand for the travel business is overreaching throughout the world. It is a business that provides all the facilities to the travelers and makes their journey full of fun.

It included reaching the travelers to the right destination with all the services. The second thing in this industry is you can travel business even also if you are exploring the whole world.

This business involves all the categories in the travel niches. Like-minded people own this business and generate huge revenue in this industry. It’s time to take action, start your business in the travel category and start generating revenue.

List of 20+ Travel Business Ideas In Nepal

1. Tour guide

If you have substantial information and historical knowledge of the tourist place in Nepal then you can become a tour guide. Where your main work is to make the people aware of the information and knowledge about the historical place. 

Believe me, if you will treat them with all the information they will pay you a decent amount. You can show him your local culture. Nepal Tour guide is a good business that operates by sharing information with the Tourister.

2. Coffee shop

The demand for coffee and chai is increasing rapidly and people worldwide are following the same tradition. There has been seen a huge growth in the coffee industry because it can treat you to make you feel relaxed.

If you are passionate and talented about starting a coffee shop business then you can bring huge revenue in a single year.

You can turn the love of coffee into a profitable business. However, starting a coffee shop requires an initial investment and if you are ready for that then you should go with this business. It is one of the best travel business ideas in Nepal.

3. Community tour guide

It is one of the most advanced businesses and right now it is trending in the market. The scope of this travel business in nepal is very high and when we talk about the earning potential of this business then let me clear you, it can generate revenue in lakhs.

You can operate this business either from your office or home. To start this business you have to live in an area where lots of tourists came to visit.

You can handle the best client in your category and very easily you can earn a decent amount.

4. Hookah bar lounge

If you are new to this category hookah bars require lots of capital investment and a strategic way to operate your business.

It requires some technical skills and a great business mindset for sustainable growth in your industry. 

A passionate entrepreneur can do it but if you have a passion to do so then you can also join this business where the income potential is very high. The lounge can allow you to make more earnings once you play strategically.

5. Houseboat rental

Tourists always want to visit the place where they get a strong view and attraction of nature and if they got so they are ready to pay any amount. 

Houseboat rental can earn lots of money and it is a good business in your area and strong views and lots of tourist footprints.

You can start this business by renting your boat to the tourist and charging them a decent amount. If you don’t have a houseboat then you can tie up with the houseboat owners for the business purpose. You will get a decent commission from the boat owners.

6. Medical tourism

This can be the greatest travel business plan of all time if you are really interested in this business. It has a huge scope as well good earning potential. 

You can find the right place with the right medical service and arrange a hassle-free trip for your clients. It is also called health and wellness tourism. You should look into this business once.

7. Night club

You must have seen a nightclub where people as well tourists visit for fun and entertainment. You can turn out this fun and entertainment into a profitable business by starting a nightclub in your area. 

This travel business idea is booming in 2023. People want to socialize and they are ready to pay a decent amount for the gorgeous venue.

This small business is possible in a very touristy spot and can be run properly. It has strong demand by the people. The earning opportunity in this business remains evergreen. This is a top business ideas in nepal.

8. Off-road tours

Off-road tours are becoming a passion for every travel lover. They want to catch an off-road tour instead of any other tour.

These types of people love adventure the most and when we talk about the earning potential it is quite high because lots of people participate in it. 

People are having high attraction towards off-road tours. This can be the best ideas for travel lovers. You can organize off-road tours and charge a decent amount from the people. In this way, business to do in nepal and you can make your business profitable.

9. Travel photography

The demand for the photographer is worldwide and it is never going to exist. If you are a good photographer and passionate about doing photography then you can enter this business. 

You have to invest some amount in a good camera. You have to show your dedication and passion in the form of photography.

The earning opportunity in this business is also good and can be hired by an individual who will pay you a decent amount.

10. Adventure Club

If you are one of them who loves the way of adventure then these Nepal business ideas might create a successful business for you.

It has a high potential for earning everywhere. A huge number of people are in love with the adventurous world and they love to do it. 

The demand for an adventurous trip, and activities are increasing rapidly worldwide. So, if you are willing to start a business then this category might impress you.

The potential for earning in these niches is very high. Always remember one thing before entering this business, you should have to do proper market research to identify the potential of the business in your area.

11. Translator

If you want to start new business ideas in nepal 2023 then translator one of them.

You will be amazed to know how a translater work. Let’s suppose you are in a country where you don’t have any information about their culture and knowledge. But your overall intention is to understand and respond to them. 

You can hire a translater who will aware you of all the information. In this way, the translator is making good money by selecting a good client for themselves.

This business has high potential worldwide. With the increasing connectivity, the demand for this business is increasing rapidly.

12. Travel agency

You can own a travel agency business plan which is also one of the most popular business ideas in 2023. This business has also a high potential for earning and is ideal for every business lover. This business is all about making travel arrangements for all travelers. 

It is a service-based business where you can help travelers in reaching their destination. Many people make trips like honeymoon, holidays, etc. You can help them in performing so.

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13. Travel vlog

Are you passionate about traveling then I am sharing with you a good idea to make money? Travel vlog is one of the most beautiful ideas where you can work.

It has a high potential of earning by traveling. It is a great online travel business opportunity.

You keep traveling and let’s share all the videos on the social media platform. Travel vlog is performing best and people love to watch them. You can visit beautiful places all around the globe and make people aware of the information who can’t dwell there.

14. Social media influencer

If you want to know best online business idea in Nepal then you start Social Media Influencer.

A lot of companies are looking for social media influencers to promote their tour and guide programs. If you have little information about the social media influencer you can invest your time in this business. 

The earning opportunity in this business is really good. If you have a good subscriber base on any social media platform you can definitely start this business.

15. Travel event planner

Many people are looking for a customizable package tour. This reduces the efforts of the people by customizing their place by themselves. You can start the business as a travel event planner and program hassle-free vacations for the person.

In this way, you will be maintaining a tourism business plan. You can charge them a decent amount for doing all these activities.

This business involves good communication skills as well as a good sense of decoration because it involves innovative tourism business ideas. If you can perform well in the above, then this can be the best travel business opportunity for you.

16. Airport shuttle service

If you live near the airport then you have the right opportunity in your hand. It is a good business to start if a person lives near the airport. 

The chances of profit are very high. In this business, you have to provide a fast and easy way to book transportation. This business requires little investment so must prepare for that.

17. Beach hotel

Beach hotel is one of the most beautiful places to enjoy and get fun with your friends and family. Tourister are too much attracted to this place and they love to go and spend some time. 

Pond, Beach hotels and resorts are making huge money by impressing tourists. Establishing a hotel or resort near the beach can be one of the most profitable travel businesses Nepal. However, these businesses require large capital investment.

If you want to start business under 1 lakh in nepal then do it.

18. Boutique hotel

If you are confused about the world boutique then let me explain it to you generally, it is a type of small hotel that covers 10 to 110 rooms. 

You can provide luxury accommodation and rent out your room to make more profit. In this business, you can make a good amount of money by serving all the facilities like spa, yoga, gym, etc.

19. Car rental

It is a small business idea in Nepal and can be started with a small-scale investment. If you own a car in your house and willing to make money then you can rent out your car to customers.

It can provide you with a decent amount of earnings on a daily basis. The industry is highly competitive you have to come with proper infrastructure.

20. Private security service

This service is gaining popularity day by day in the tourism world. People are too concerned about their safety which increases the demand for this business.

It is a perfect niche to start your business with a small-scale investment. The important thing is you have to build your loyalty.

Some FAQs About hotel business in nepal

How do I start a traveling business in Nepal?

Starting a traveling business is quite easy all it requires is the proper knowledge about the industry in which you are going to start your business.

You should prepare a good plan for the travel business. You have to keep focusing on the brand of the business and make it legit and legal for the people. You should have proper knowledge about the funding as well as find a good location to start your business.

What is the best business in tourism?

Tourism has many great businesses. All businesses require good strategy as well as proper information to start the business. Some of the goof businesses in tourism is a nightclub, travel vlogs, houseboat rentals, and many more.

These types of business cover huge earning opportunity and always remains evergreen. All the list of the top tourism business are included in our list so, make sure to read them once.

How do I become a travel blogger?

Starting a travel blogging is very easy. You have to spend some money on selecting the best domain and hosting for your specific niches. Make sure before going for hosting clear your niches in which you are going to work.

It must be relevant to your interest and you should have good knowledge about the niches. Now, you can start posting good articles with potential information.

What do tourists buy the most?

Tourists are always passionate about buying impressive products. If your product is impressive and eye-catchy then you have a higher chance of conversion from the tourist footprints.

Some of the popular products which tourists love the most are traditional ornaments, postcards, shirts, t-shirts, tattoos, etc.

How do you profit from tourism?

The way of generating profit from the tourist is categorized in vast categories. You can make good money by renting your own ride as an ola driver, or renting out your home for the Tourister.

We have included renting of the houseboat which is a great way of earning profit. Some of the good categories which have high chances of profit are translate, the nightclub, hookah bar lounge, etc.

Top travel agency in Nepal?

1. Travel Max Guide
2. Nepal Hiking Team
3. Trekking Planner (P.) Ltd
4. Ace the Himalaya
5. Nepal Eco Adventure Pvt Ltd
6. Alpine Ramble Treks
7. Outshine Adventure Pvt Ltd
8. Nepal Horizon Treks & Expedition
9. Sherpa Expedition and Trekking Pvt. Ltd
10. Himalayan Leisure, Inc.

Conclusion: travel business in Nepali

If you are in love with traveling and starting to own a business in the travel industry then our article is sufficient to provide you with all the travel agency business ideas and business opportunities in the travel sector. You will be exploring the whole world by being your own boss.

You can take your dream to your destination. The best thing about the travel business is that any business can succeed in this sector if you are dedicated to your work.

Our article will help you in taking your hard work and dedication on the right path in which you are interested.

We have listed all the best opportunities for earning from the travel blog. Hope you liked the information and are willing to read more about it. If your friends and family are asking for the same make sure to refer them to this article.


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