How To Transfer Balance From Ncell To Ncell


As you all know, we can transfer money to anyone with a single click through money transfer app. But there’s no such feature or you can say service that allows users to share their mobile balance to others. But Nepal’s leading telecommunications providers, which is popularly known as Ncell, launched a user-friendly feature for their subscribers known as “Ncell Transfer Balance Service.”

This feature of Ncell allows users to share their prepaid balance with their close ones in an emergency.

The balance shared by Ncell users can be used only to the main balance of the receiver mobile number.

How To Ncell Transfer Balance

In today’s article I’ll talk about all the ins and outs of ncell balance transfer code including ncell to ncell balance transfer and its code.

How to transfer balance in ncell, let’s delve into the article to know more about it.

What is Ncell Balance Transfer?

SIM Balance Transfer is the service given by Ncell, in which Ncell Prepaid users can send and receive mobile balance in their Ncell numbers.

If you want to know ncell balance transfer limit, Ncell prepaid users are allowed to share Rs 10 to 200 with other Ncell numbers at a time.

Minimum balance that can be shared under this service is Rs.10 which can extend to Rs. 200 only. Which is the maximum Ncell Balance Transfer amount.

Ncell allows only 3 transfers per day; it means a maximum of 600 rupees can be shared in a day.

This service is very helpful in avoiding problems that occur due to the unavailability of balance.

How To Ncell Transfer Balance 2023?

Transferring balance in Ncell is very easy when you are aware of transfer balance from ncell to ncell. But, if you are not aware with the process then you can follow these simple steps :

1. For sharing the balance to the other Ncell number, first you need to dial *17122* to initiate the transfer service.

2. Then, dial “Ncell balance transfer code” with the receiver’s main mobile number with the particular amount / balance you want to share.

3. When you dial this code and the rest of the information. It will be shown as *17122* Ncell receiver’s mobile number *transfer amount#.

4. Let’s assume, you want to share Rs. 100 to your friend’s Ncell number. Then you have to dial *17122*62XXXXXXXX*100# where 62XXXXXXXX is the receiver’s phone number.

5. After dialing the code, you will get direct confirmation from the receiver mobile’s number.

6. When the transaction will complete the Ncell balance will be automatically transferred to the receiver Ncell number.

Ncell Balance transfer Service charge

The service given by Ncell is no doubt fantastic but it’s not free. To use this service Ncell users have to pay service charges.

In order to perform Balance transfer in Ncell, users need to pay Rs 1 per balance transfer which does not include any tax. But after 13% of TSC and VAT, the balance transfer service charge will be 1.28.

So, if you transfer Rs. 20 to anyone then the receiver will get 18.72 because Rs. 1.28 will be taken as balance transfer service charge.

If someone wants to know more about Ncell balance transfer code, charge or anything else. Then they can dial 17122 IVR Information.

How To Check Ncell Balance?

If you want to check ncell balance then you should know ncell balance code and how to check ncell balance.

USSD Code: Dial *101# or *901# from your Ncell mobile number and press the call button. You will receive an SMS with your account balance details.

SMS: Send a blank SMS to 90011. You will receive an SMS with your Ncell balance information.

Ncell Mobile App: Download and install the official Ncell app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. After installing, log in with your Ncell number and password. The app will display your balance on the home screen.

Online Portal: Visit the Ncell website (, log in to your account, and you should be able to see your balance on the account dashboard.

Please note: For latest Ncell codes contact Ncell customer support for the most up-to-date information.

FAQs: Ncell Money Transfer 2023

What is the transfer limit for Ncell?

The maximum daily transfer limit for Ncell is Rs. 600.

How can I check my Nepal Ncell balance?

If you want to check your Nepal Ncell balance then you have to dial *901# or you can directly send blank SMS to 90011.

What is the criteria to be eligible for Balance Transfer service?

To be eligible for Balance Transfer service, Ncell users must have a sim card of 90 days or older then that.

How many times can one transfer  balance in Ncell in a day?

You can transfer balance in Ncell only 3 times a day.

What Is ncell balance check number?

Dial *101# or *901# press the call button. You will receive an SMS with your account balance details. Also, sent blank SMS to 90011. You will receive an SMS with your Ncell balance Details.

Conclusion: Ncell Balance Check Code

So after reading this article, if you find someone who is struggling or lacking with mobile balance then don’t forget to leverage your Ncell balance transfer code.

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